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With over 90 years collective experience from our diverse, industry leading team from the leisure, commercial and manufacturing Industries, we are here to listen, support and develop your vision.

Our Credentials – to bring your project to Life

  • Over 90 years of real time experience
  • Diversification Experts
  • Your Vision - from Concept to Delivery
  • Full ‘turnkey’ solutions
  • In-house Manufacturing of unique SIPs buildings, Made in Great Britain
  • No Access? No Problem with our factory-made building kits
  • Full range of support services including planning, development, and operational management
Everything Leisure Group

Our core services include:

  • Diversification Specialists. ELG can offer a wide range of solutions if you are looking to diversify your land to increase revenue.
  • Sustainability and off grid projects using renewable energy sources and the high thermal performance of our SIPs.
  • Planning, Project Design, Operational Management and Business Plans to turnkey completion.
  • Manufacturing a unique range of leisure and commercial buildings using our SIPs panels manufactured by our sister company in the UK.
  • Training and Personal Development, from sales and operations to management and performance coaching.
Further Services

Further services within our core range include:

  • Initial Planning Appraisal.
  • Will guide you through the planning process and requirements.
  • Implementation of planning application and relevant reports.
  • Drawing up of environmentally sympathetic site plans.
  • Design and manufacture of industry leading accommodation for all schemes from kits to fully finished buildings through our factory.
  • Bespoke interior design.
  • Introductions to finance partners.
  • Groundworks and landscaping.
  • CGI imagery.
  • Operational management.
  • Recruitment.
  • Procurement service ensuring you purchase fit for purpose products at the right price.
  • TV, Wi-Fi networks, barriers, and access control.
  • Decking.
  • Marketing and website design.
  • Introduction to agents to support renting your accommodation.
diversifying your land

Diversifying your land

ELG are a sustainable brand, who enjoy working in partnerships and supporting the local community.We are looking to work with farmers and landowners as they have access to acres of land in the most beautiful parts of the country. With farming subsidies being cut and the loss of money in traditional farming practises, diversification is the hot topic in the agricultural world.

By diversifying your farmland, you would be joining the other 62%of other farming businesses within the UK that have taken this strategic decision that offers increased financial benefits. By incorporating new facilities on your farm, you can generate an additional source of income. Glamping, maybe, even with a farm shop, has gained popularity in recent years as a unique and upscaled camping experience. By offering glamping accommodation, you can tap into the growing demand for travel and outdoor adventures, increasing your overall revenue.

Wedding venues have also become increasingly popular over the years and are often looking for accommodation for their guests.Partnering up with one of these locations would easily increase your occupancy and yield. Alternatively, you could open your own.

We can suggest diversification options for your own personal situation, so feel free to contact us for an information discussion, and let’s see where it takes us.

Diversification Case Study

 Pirleyhill Pods –South Ayrshire

Stuart Andrews and his two sons took up an opportunity to return to their roots in Scotland and acquire a thriving cattle farm back in 2017.

However, with the uncertainty and market fluctuations surrounding the agricultural industry Stuart was keen to diversify the farm to support any potential pitfalls in the future.

Being in a stunning location in South Ayrshire, with stunning panoramic views to the Irish Sea, towards Arran and Mull of Kintyre, it lent itself perfectly to develop a glamping site.

After some research, he purchased three buildings from Modular Leisure Buildings, one Modpod, and two Bothys.

Each of these building provided a luxury glamping experience with modern fittings, and self-contained accommodation. To this he added some decking and their own private hot tub, and ticked all the boxes holidaymakers were looking for.

Stuart has successfully supplemented his farm income as he had set out to do, so a total success for him, not forgetting that his guests love the environment and accommodation.

pirleyhill pods

You can read more and view further photos on Modular Leisure Buildings Website.

sustainable developments

Sustainable Developments and Off Grid Projects

Working with you, we want to create developments that are as close to off grid as possible and the SIP system is the best construction to achieve this as they are so airtight that the thermal performance is excellent… but what if we can add solar, air source heat pumps or turbines into the equation?

Our natural environment needs to be protected, so we aim to minimise the impact we have when working with land owners on their projects. By utilising GroundScrews, a revolutionary foundation system, ideal for our buildings, they are not only friendly to the planners as they can be screwed in and screwed out when required, but they are also very quick and environmentally friendly.

No Access? No Problem

Do you have difficult access? Is this stopping you bringing in fully completed buildings in remote or challenging locations?

Flat Pack Buildings could be your solutions, with their many benefits.

  • Easily transportable
  • Ease of assembly
  • Time and cost savings
  • Sustainability:

Planning, Project Design, Operational Management and Business Plans – The 6 stages.

You have the land, and you want to develop it, but where do start? This is something we encounter a lot and ELG can assist you along your journey, from concept to delivery, in the form of 6 helpful stages, and you can pick and choose which ones you need support with.

Our Service is based around your needs, adapted to suit your situation, and with the aim of achieving your goals.

In-house Manufacturing Made In Britain!

One of our core services is the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of buildings.

ELG has a sister company, Modular Leisure Buildings. They can offer speedy construction using their own SIPs, competitive pricing, and the highest quality all in one package. All buildings and kits are designed and manufactured in-house at their factory.

Industry leading and innovative, capturing hearts and minds, Modular (Group) have established a range of award-winning products.The Modular Group take a determined and cohesive approach to delivering a synergy of diverse SIPs applications meeting the ever-increasing demands of leisure and commercial space requirements.

Some examples of the types of building on offer are as follows:

Glamping pods, lodges, farm shops, utility buildings, classrooms, temporary accommodation, offices, changing rooms, toilet blocks, staff accommodation, anything is possible with their in-house design team.

in-house manufacturing
Training and Personal Development

Training and Personal Development

From Sales and Operations to Management and Performance Coaching, our partners will be able to deliver tailor-made training packages to support you and your business.

Not only does our team have real time experience spanning many years in operations and sales, but we have also partnered up with some of the very best performance trainers to offer a fully diverse and rounded service.

Just let us know your requirements and we will endeavour to create bespoke, engaging sessions that will help your team go from strength to strength.

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