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Our Story

Ian Alderson started his long career at the age of 16 in landscaping and groundworks, working on contracts big and small he then built a garden supplies business from scratch with his father. Not content with just selling, Ian developed garden storage products using trial, error and many prototypes. Ian then turned his attention to producing outdoor buildings, constructed primarily using timber frames.

By 2014, Ian had developed a successful garden storage manufacturing business, sited on land which was fields prior to 2005.


With Modular Leisure Buildings, you can depend on speedy construction using our own SIPs, competitive pricing and the highest quality all in one package. We operate out of our 3251 square meter factory with a workforce of skilled personnel to manufacture Leisure buildings and modular units from scratch. At the heart of it all are stringent quality controls that take the standards of leisure building construction to new levels.


Structural Insulated Panels are a perfect fit for the leisure sector. With their high thermal values for year-round comfort plus the ease with which the buildings can be pre-assembled and simply dropped into place on-site, they offer fantastic efficiencies. The adaptability and speed of construction, the styling flexibility and high performance, combined with cost savings, means no other form of construction comes close.

Structural insulated panels are one of the most environmentally responsible building systems available